August Goals

Again...better late than never to post my goals for this month.

Finish the zombie book I picked up at the library instead of last months Book Club book, read THIS months Book Club book and try to read another book of my own choosing.
Save $$ for North Carolina trip next month.
Make something for Mom's Birthday.
Send to last Blogger Blanket partner.
Make at least 3 things for Mystery Project. (I can't tell you guys yet but once I have everything done I will be able to. I am expecting this to take 2 months...Ooooo the anticipation!!)

Have a crafty day kids and let's hope August doesn't fly by as fast as July did. I mean I can't wait for Fall but sheesh...life is going too fast!



Trees said...

Mystery project? Hummm...I wonder...

Jamie said...

Hehe! I'm very excited about it and can't wait for the "unveiling"!