Last Craftster Squares

I recevied my last set of squares from the Craftster Granny Swap I did. I know it seems like it was the longest swap ever! There was a big mix up in the partnering and one of my partners sent to someone else by accident! Luckily an awesome lady in the swap decided to angel for me (Angel on Craftster means that when someone in a swap does not Receive, another person either participating in the swap or outside of the swap but a Craftster member steps up and crafts for the person who did not receive.) I got these beauts just before I went on vacay. I love the color combinations and sort have a sense of relief now that this swap is over. It was kind of poorly organized (which I hate to say but it really was) and some people didn't participate on the boards as much as I would have thought they would so it was kind of a let down. I think from now on I will stick with the swaps over there that are just one on one partners, maybe two at the most.

Have a crafty day darlings!



Consider my dear said...

Who didnt send to you? Someone took a really long time to send mine. After we are all done with the swap I still need to make a lot more.

Jamie said...

kbauer was supposed to send to me but I guess she was given wrong info or something, I don't really know what happened. She sent to princesspimp instead so then Kittymom was my angel. Whew! So confusing!