I'm Back in Black!

I just have a quick little update about my hair.... As you've seen in pictures on this here bloggy blog, I've had black hair with red streaks in my bangs and on the sides for quite a while. I really loved the red, I get so bored with my hair easily and it's something you can change all the time. One problem however is that I have gotten sick of the upkeep the red requires. It's just Manic Panic semi-permanent dye that I'd apply over bleached sections. About every 10 - 14 days it would be pretty faded out and I would have to dye it again. It wasn't a HUGE hassle. Every other Sunday or so I would spend about half an hour in the bathroom sectioning out my hair and applying the dye. I would leave it in for a few hours and then rinse it out. I would have to be careful to make sure none of my face or bathroom had dye on it because otherwise I or the sink would be stained pink for a while. After more than a year of keeping up with it, I've grown sick of the maintenance. So I decided to go all black again, much easier.

I was actually really nervous about getting rid of the red because I thought I would be bored with how I looked. However, as soon as I dried my hair and saw it all black again I felt like my old self again! I've had black hair for what seems like ever, I think first was when I was 15. I would go back and forth between black and burgundy hair over the years. The burgundy permanent hair dyes are a pain in the ass too though. They always fade into that weird brassy red color. I don't understand how people have built a plane that can literally fly 13,000 mph but no one can make a permanent red hair dye that keeps its color!! Anyway, I like black hair because it doesn't fade and most people believe it is my natural color since my eye brows just happen to be super dark as well. So here's to the old, new me!
I thought it appropriate to take a picture with my curled lip face as well.  I have no idea but for about 5 years every freaking picture I took...this was my face!  (beer and jager may have been the culprits)

Have a good day friends!



Trees said...

Tee hee - love the last photo! I love bright hair colours but the upkeep can drive you crazy. I really like your black hair - plus you can always change it again if you get bored with all black.

Jamie said...

Aww thanks!! That was exactly my thought process...the beauty of hair dye is you can always change it!! Even when it is black, it just takes a bit more work =P