September Goals

I have some big goals for this month as well as some awesome stuff I'm looking forward to, I love September!!

First up are my goals for the month...

Finish the September pick for Book Club.
Read another book of my choosing.
Make 3 more items for my Mystery Project.
Announce my Mystery Project!!
Get out all my Fall decor and decorate my apartment as well as my cubicle at work!
Figure out gifts for Liz & Kara's Birthdays.
Sew together all the squares from the Blogger Blanket Project and the Craftster swap.
Here are a few of the things I am looking forward to this month...

Spending a few days down the shore with my Dad, Lonnie (my step mom), Jeremy, Jessie and Justin (a lot of J's in the group)
Getting my tattoo finished!!!
The first day of Autumn!
and last but certainly not least...My Birthday on the 28th!



Trees said...

Mystery Project? I'm intrigued!


Jessi said...

oh mystery project, fun!