August Goals Recap

Holy smokes I can not believe it is September!!!

Finish the zombie book I picked up at the library instead of last months Book Club book.  Here is the Zombie book review.

Read THIS months Book Club book.  I wasn't able to get this months Book Club book from the library again due to too many holds. Picking new, popular books to read for the club sucks because it's always so hard to get from the library.

And try to read another book of my own choosing.  The other book I read I looooved so much and I will be posting a review of it shortly.

Save $$ for North Carolina trip next month.  I saved the money but then our trip was cancelled because of stupid hurrican Irene. I was bummed because I love spending time with my family and we were going to spread my Nana and Grandpa's ashes in the ocean. We already have it planned that we will try again next year. The only bright side is that I am able to pay a couple other bills with that loot instead.

Make something for Mom's Birthday.  I made her this adorable baby dragon.
Send to last Blogger Blanket partner.  Done and Done!

Make at least 3 things for Mystery Project. I was only able to get 2 1/2 things finished by the end of the month.

Even though I didn't get EVERYTHING done, I got more than half so I'm happy! 


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Trees said...

I'm so sorry Irene meant you had to cancel your holiday! Otherwise it looks like you had a successful month. Well done:D