Turning a New Leaf...Part Two

Holy Bajeezus where have I been?! Forgive my lack of blogging. I have no real excuse other than I have been busy so not only didn't have time but I also did not have much motivation. Over the last couple weeks though I have really been missing my blog like crazy. So out with the Blogging Blues and in with all the new ideas that have me literally bursting at the seams!!

First, let me start with Part 2 of Turning a New Leaf.

A. I have a new job! I actually did have another job before this one that was absolutely horrible. I worked at an Amazon warehouse for 2 weeks. I was a "picker" and wanted to die after the second day. All the walking on concrete floors for 10 hours (we were told the average picker walked anywhere from 10-12 miles a day) was murder on my feet. Even though I wore extremely comfy gym shoes it didn't matter. My legs and everything were fine, I wasn't even really that tired afterward, it was just that my feet were in excrutiating pain!! I had to quickly find another job and luckily was able to. I now work at Nestle. I'm just a temp for now but I don't care. I'm much happier than I was at The Hartford even though I make a lot less money and don't have health insurance for the time being. (I will hopefully be hired on permanently soon.) I like the job a lot so far. Right now my job consists of being in "the guard shack" which is a lot nicer than I imagined when the job was described to me! I seriously pictured some kind of toll booth situation. It's actually just a small office that is unattached from the entire warehouse. Giant tractor trailers come into the driveway and call a phone way at the end. I answer the phone and find out whether they are delivering something, picking something up, if they are coming to the Nestle building or going to the water plant. Then I do some stuff on the computer to get the info they need and give info to the people inside to let them know a truck is here. That's basically the extent of it. One awesome purk is the drivers that have dogs! When they come to the window (after they are at the phone and I get their info, I tell them to come to the window at the guard shack...think a drive thru at a fast food place) and give them their paperwork or take theirs, accordingly. Some of the drives have dogs and we give them treats, it's pretty awesome! The people I work with all seem pretty nice and even when it's busy it's not super stressful.

B. I am starting (or really want to start, it depends on financial aid) school this semester. I decided that I keep going from one crappy job to the next and need to do something about that! I looked into what kind of programs are offered at the schools around here and what kinds of jobs are available around here too. There are quite a few hospitals near me, I can think of 4 off the top of my head that are all within 10 minutes of me. When I was looking for the new job I have, I kept seeing postings for nurses but I know I could never be a nurse. I've actually even mulled the idea of it around in the past. Both my Grandmothers were nurses as well as my Aunt. I could never 1. take blood from people and 2. since my experience in the hospital and rehab after my accident and knowing all the things those ladies had to do for me, I'm not even sure I could do them for a loved one let alone a stranger! However, I do still have some very fond memories of different nurses that I've come across in my life (I've been in the hospital and gone to doctors a ridiculous amount of times in my life) and truely appreciate and respect these women and what they did for me. I would like to be a person like that...just minus a lot of the bodily fluids! Enter the "Diagnostic Medical Sonographer" program! That's just a fancy name for an Ultrasound Technician. After a lot of thinking and discussing it with Jeremy, Liz, my sister and Mom I have decided that is what I am going to do. I've even had experience with one that had nothing to do with babies. When I was a freshman in high school I had all these lumps on my neck and had to have one removed and they had to ultrasound it! I have to first complete the prerequisites and hopefully will be able to start the 2 year program in the Fall of 2013. That's the plan for now. I'm really looking foward to it!

Alright dearies, I am glad to be back and I hope you stick around for some of the fun things I have planned to share with you!!


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