Happy Anniversary!

I won't go into all the sappy details about how Jeremy and I are a match made in heaven or how in love we are or how we met (you can read all that here.) For now I will just say it has been a wonderful 3 years and I am very excited about some of our future plans we've been talking about! I will be sharing the details once the time gets closer...and no it's not THAT! We're planning to get a place together early next year =D

Have a wonderful day friends!



Marilyn (Pulp Sushi) said...

Happy Anniversary and congratulations on moving in. My bf & I moved in after being two years, it's great! :)

Jamie said...

Thank you! We actually did live together for about 8 months at one point but that was only because his apartment got bed bugs (his roommate is a garbage man and brought them home). We weren't really at that point in our relationship, we hadn't even been together a year but he had nowhere else to go. So once the lease was up, we thought it best to get our own places. It was really weird and hard for people to understand why we didn't just stay living together. I won't say I was totally on board with the idea but I now I can say I am extremely happy we got our own places. It made us each a lot more responsible and pretty much learn how to be adults lol plus I learned a lot about myself!