Happy Halloween!!!

Unfortunately we didn't get to dress up this year (yet). As you may have heard or experienced for yourself, the Northeast US got a freaking snow storm this past weekend. I truly thought it was going to be a bunch of hype but I was wrong, dead wrong! Friday night I went to bed pretty late and it was clear as could be out so I was sure everything woukd be fine. However, I woke up Saturday morning to snow...those big, thick, wet snowflakes. The main issue concerning the storm was that with all the leaves on the trees and all this wet snow on top of it, branches and power lines might come down and people would be without power, ugh!
Jeremy came over after work around 12:30 that afternoon. We were eating hoagies and watching The Crazies and talking about how much we wanted it to clear up for the party. Our costumes are awesome, I spent a lot of time on them and the pumpkin I carved was sure to win the contest! While we were talking, as soon as I mentioned that snow and leaf statement the freaking power went out!!! It was a little after 1:00. Jeremy needed to take a nap since he went in to work at 6:00 that morning so I just laid in bed and read all while hoping the party wouldn't be cancelled. But a couple hours later I got a text that the party was cancelled :(
Around 4:30 the power came back on so I quick jumped in the shower. Soon as I had the shampoo on my head, it went out again!! I had enough hot waiter to finish my shower but I have no windows in my bathroom so it was pitch black in there! Jeremy brought in a bunch of candles and took the shower curtain off the rings but kept the clear liner on so I could see. There was also enough hot water for him to shower but I couldn't blow dry my hair! I towel dried it as best I could but I was still freezing!! We were both hungry and our friends who still had power invited us over to play games. Across town still had power so we went to a bar over there, ate and then went to our friends house. Right before we got there half a tree fell on their house!!
Oh and before we left my place Jeremy was cleaning off his car when this chic asked to borrow his phone because her phone died and she needed to get a cab to come take her to work or she'd have to walk...with her little 2 year old daughter!! Being such a good guy Jeremy asked where she worked and offered to drive her. It was literally down the street from where we were going but even if it wasn't we would have taken her, it was horrible out and no cabs were answering.
The bar was packed because so many people were without power. We had fun playing games at Stephen's house and then around 9 we went to another bar to watch the fights. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this before but...I love UFC!! Watching a bunch of dudes beat the piss out of each other, it's fantastic!! Every month they have fights on pay-per-view so we have to go to the bar to watch it.
I really hoped I'd have power by time we got home but no dice. It was freezing cold in my apt so we lit a bunch of candles and put them on the coffee table next to my bed, it was like sleeping next to a roaring fire Haha!!! It was also one time I was thankful to have a boyfriend who's like a furnace.
We woke up to no power so we decided to go to the diner for breakfast (usually we make breakfast Sunday mornings). The first diner had no power and was closed, 4 others all across town had 45 minute to an hour waits. Cracker Barrel told us it would be 2 hours and 10 minutes and Dunkin Donuts was fresh out of food!! It was complete mayhem!! Finally we tried Manhattan Bagel, their power was out but they could make breakfast sandwiches on their grill still!! We had to eat in the dark but we didn't care! Then we milled around at a giant indoor garage sale to kill a few hours. When we got home, still no power! Jeremy went home to check on his place and pets (he has 2 snakes and a rat) and I just got back in bed and read and slept a bit.
Around 9:00 I was hungry and wanted to see who had power and who didn't. Let me tell you, driving around town with no lights in any houses or businesses and cops directing traffic is kind of creepy. Luckily Wawa had power so I got a sandwich and sat in my car to warm up in the heat, ate and charged my phone and ereader. The electric company said I wouldn't have power til 10:30 Monday night so I just went home, put on lots of layers, tons of blankets on the bed, lit a bunch of candles, got back in bed and read some more. I have no idea what time the power came back on but I fell asleep around 1:30am and it was still out but I woke up around 5am sweating bullets!!
So all in all I was without power for at least 36 hours and the Halloween party was cancelled. Hopefully it will be rescheduled so we can sport our sweet costumes!!
Thanks for reading this novel if you did and I leave you with a picture of (what I think would be our award winning) pumpkin!!

Happy Halloween!!


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