Owl Fingerless Gloves

Two years ago when I decided I needed to learn how to crochet (because I completely forgot everything my Nana taught me when I was little) the entire reason was because of these Hooked on Owls fingerless gloves by Beansprout Creations. I had bought the pattern and the yarn and thought I could just watch youtube videos to figure out the stitches that make the owl. Well...after a handful of attempts and hissy fits, I put the pattern away and just forgot about it. I realized that the stitches to make the owl were more advanced than my skills (I had only made two amigurumi's at that point) and I would have to wait a while before I could actually make these.

After I finally learned and understood how to make cable stitches for Liz's scarf and Kara's gloves, I thought I might be able to attempt these gloves again.
I had to modify the crap out of this pattern though! I used a smaller hook than the pattern called for and I had to take out about 12 stitches per round to make them fit me. I know I have small hands but the size made with this pattern is ginormous!! I also added a stretchy ribbed cuff around the wrist.

Please excuse these phone pics. My camera is being a jerk and I can't turn the flash off anymore. I know most of the time you WANT the flash to work but it was completely washing out the owl pattern. And that's the whole THING!!

Anyway...I used buttons that my mother gave me that belonged to my Nana. I painted the pupils on and I love them! I am so incredibly pleased with these gloves, I kind of want to wear them ALL the time!! I'm just so happy I was able to make them since they were the reason I started crocheting in the first place, I know enough about crochet now to be able to modify patterns to fit me, they're pefect for Fall and I was able to incorporate something from my Nana who taught me to crochet in the first place. I wish she was here even more now, just so I could show them to her <3



Trees said...

These look great and I feel your pain, I am learning to sew and my ambition well outweighs my ability at this stage...but everything takes practice. It's lovely you could incorporate the buttons into the design.

Jamie said...

Thank you so much! When I first learned to sew I had so many lofty plans of things to make and whew! I was not that good yet!! It's true though, practice makes perfect :)