Boo! I'm Aliiive!

I bet you thought I fell off the face of the earth, huh? I've been in quite a funk the last month or so and had no desire to blog. I've been kind of depressed about my job/school/career situation. I'm hoping to have it changed and all figured out in the next month or so, please cross your fingers for me!!
I really wasn't even doing much of anything worth blogging about anyways so it kind of evened out. The last few weeks though I've been feeling better and picked up my crochet hook again. Two of my dearest friends had their birthdays at the end of September so I'm sure that's why I got back to crafting.

Liz's birthday was Sept 20th and I made her two things that I am in love with (as well as gave her what looks like a fun game called Liebrary). Liz loves coffee, she worked at Starbucks for two years and that place definitely rubbed off on her! I've been seeing little coffee cozies around so I decided to make her one. I sewed this little guy up one night and he fits perfectly on a Venti sized cup. The button works but it's really just there for show.

I also made her a scarf which I am madly in love with! I now see many scarves in the future of those I give Christmas gifts to LOL! I've never made a scarf before and after searching Ravelry for hours and getting a basic idea of what I was going for, I decided to make my own pattern. I put two rows of Front Post Double Crochet stiches on either side of a cable stitch. It took me a little while to get the hang of the cable stitch but once I got it, I breezed through this beauty.

The cutest thing happened while making this too. I don't know if you guys are fans of stitching in public but I certainly am. I tend to crochet while waiting for my laundry or really anywhere that I think I'll be sitting around for a while. I had to get my car inspected last month and I knew I would be waiting but didn't know for how long so I packed my little craft bag with my yarn and hook just in case. I was sitting in the waiting room for about 30-40 minutes so I got a good amount done. A really nice woman was sitting next to me and first started talking to me by asking where I get my nails done (I paint my own and there was easily month old polish on them lol) and then she asked what I was "knitting". Does this happen to you fellow hookers? How do you handle it? I just smiled and said "Oh thank you, I'm crocheting it for my friends birthday. It's a scarf." I feel I HAVE to correct people or something. I can't let them go on with their lives not knowing that crochet exists!! Anyway...she said she has a few things at home that she once started and never finished but thinks she should dig them out now that I reminded her. She was really interested too, she was touching and looking at the scarf very intently and asking me all kinds of questions. I enjoyed it a lot actually, it was nice to kind of bond with this random lady over some yarn and a hook!

Anyway, I took about a bazillion pictures of this scarf to try and get some good ones (please excuse my scowl in the one of me wearing it!) The color is my favorite, it's Vanna White's Cranberry. Liz just recently starting wearing red. I tend to wear red a lot and think it always looks great on pale, dark haired girls. So once I saw she was wearing it more often I decided I had to push more of it on her =P
I think this is just such a great color for fall AND winter, it was perfect! Plus it's so thick and cozy! Also, I had no idea how long to make the scarf. I didn't want it to be too short that you couldn't get some good wrap around with it but I also didn't want it so long that it'd stick out the bottom of a jacket or something. Well after searching the internet for a bit I found the general rule of thumb is to make the scarf as tall as the person it is for. It makes perfect sense and thank goodness Liz and I are practically the same height! The color is shown the best in the picture of me, the last two I really wanted to show off the stitches but the sun kind of washed out the pic a bit.

My friend Kara's birthday was Sept 25th and I made her a really cute pair of fingerless gloves. She's always cold and smokes so I thought they'd be pretty perfect. Since I am now addicted to cable stich they had that on it. They were red with a black border around the fingers, thumb and wrist. I was pretty proud of myself making these too because the pattern I used made a gigantic pair so I had to rewrite it and take out lots of stitches and I moved the thumb hole. It's amazing when I think back to when I first started crocheting, I would look at a pattern and my head would spin. Now I'm able to write out my own!
Anyway, I'm a jerk and forgot to take pictures of the gloves before I gave them to Kara =( Hopefully I will have my camera next time I see her wearing them.

The funny thing about making all these cold weather items is that it has been ridiculously warm here the last few days, almost 90 degrees!!

It's good to be back friends, how have you all been?! I have tooooonns of blog reading to catch up on!!


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