Oh yeah...Goals

Half way through the month isn't too late for a recap and a new list, is it? Haha!

September Recap
Read another book of my choosing - I read A Dirty Job by Christopher Moore. I loved it and you can look for a review soon!
Get out all of my Fall decor and decorate - done and done!
Figure out gifts for Liz & Kara's bday - check!
Sew together swapped Granny squares - all finished!
Finish the September pick for Book Club - I never got the book and I don't plan on catching up with this one either, it didn't sound very good.
Make 3 more items for my Mystery Project - I didn't make anything =(
Announce my Mystery Project - clearly that didn't happen, it's still in the works though...

Meh I didn't do too well this month, this funk I've been in clearly effected all areas of my life!

October Goals
Read the Book Club book (it's my pick so I HAVE to)
Read another book
Work on and announce the damn Mystery Project already!!
Make my Halloween Costume.

Not too many goals...just enough though =)


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mel said...

Ooooh I'm excited for what this mystery project might be!
What's your bookclub pick for this month?
and good luck in the job search, lord knows those are never fun.