More Afghan News...

Not too long ago I took a look at the three goals I had set for myself for the year and realized I've really only got one and a half done!! The half being the granny square afghan I have been making for myself...since freaking January!! I've had all the finished squares sitting in a basket next to my tv stand and then another basket sitting next to my couch with all the yarns and necessities to finish the rest of the squares I needed. I FINALLY finished the last squares!
Here are some close ups of the last 28 squares. Oh and one of my Halloween rats...

This is a shot of all 88 squares, whew! I can't believe how long it has taken me to make all these!! I noticed that from the first squares to the last ones, my crocheting has gotten looser and looser. The last ones I made are about an inch bigger all around than the first ones I made. Oh well, I learned from the Blogger Blanket Project that even if the squares aren't all exactly the same size, once they are stitched together it'll be ok.

It took me a while to get the squares all laid out in a way that I thought would be random enough yet not have a bunch of the same colors all together. I really wish that I had used a lighter blue color. When you really look at it you can see the difference between the black and blue but at a quick glance they kind of look the same. Oh well, I love the colors all together none the less.

I have started sewing the squares together now. I have 5 columns of rows stitched together so far. I have 3 more to go and then I have to sew those all together. My goal is to have it finished before I host Book Club at my apartment on Nov. 6. I think it's feesable. Once I have all my Halloween stuff finished. I'm making my entire costume, parts of Jeremy's and I have a pumpkin to carve for a contest at the party we are going to. Our friends, Shannon and JP always have the best Halloween party, I'm so excited!!


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