My Afghan is DONE!!

I am so freaking excited that I finished this last night!!! I attached the last row of squares and added the border and she is now resting comfortably on my bed. I will say that I hoped it was going to be a bit bigger, I'm horrible at measurements and things like that. It's the perfect size for a twin bed but gets the job done on my full size. This baby was a labor of love and I am so proud of her!

You can check out the progress of this afghan throughtout a bunch of different posts I did since I started her back in January.

January Again
(a few months of no progress)

I am so proud of myself that even though it took this long I really stuck with it. I definitely don't want to make anymore granny squares for quite a while. Between that craftster swap, the blogger blanket project and this afghan, I am all grannied out! Although...I do really want some cute granny throw pillows LOL I'll wait on that for a while though. I am now onto starting all the Christmas presents I am going to make this year. Lots of hats and scarves I think.

I also have a ton of stuff to share with you guys...so much has happened in my life over the last month. Like giant stuff!
My mom moved to Arizona.
I quit my job and got a new one (I start Sunday!) that is COMPLETELY different.
I have a new life plan and career goal that I am really looking forward to which also means I am going back to school in January.
Anyway...that is all going to be a post of it's own!

Thanks so much for popping by and checking out my loverly new afghan, have a wonderful weekend friends!



Erin Dawn said...

That's a pretty damn good lookin' Afghan!

Jamie said...

Thank you!! I love it so much <3

Tanya said...

lovely! i find it's always hardest to sew all those squares together once they are done! crocheting the squares is the easy part! congrats on finishing your project!!

Tanya said...

great afghan! i find it's always hardest to actually get around to sewing all the little squares together. the crocheting of the squares is the easy part!

Jess [tenpenny splendid] said...

Love it! My first granny afghan was about 1/4 the size of that for a baby blanket and it was hard just to get through all those grannies! I think I'm ready to tackle something bigger though! Loving the way your colors look together. :)

Jamie said...

Thank you so much ladies!! I'm still so in love with it and since it's getting cold here, I've been able to use it every night on my bed!

Vanessa said...

Your hard work paid off! It's awesome!

lauren said...

What a pretty afghan! I so wish I knew how to crochet, I tried to learn once when I was a lot younger but it was just a major disaster!

Jamie said...

Thank you Vanessa! And you too Lauren!! You should try it again, the Happy Hooker book and YouTube videos helped me learn sooo much!!