Granny's Galore!

Are you ready for more squares?! I'm so happy with how fast I hooked these ones up. Again I made another batch of 12 more for a total of 60. I only need 28 more before I can start sewing them all together!! I'll be taking a break from these for a little bit because I am in a Granny Square swap over on Craftster. Send out date is the end of this month so after I sew all the squares I receive from my partners into a little lap afghan for work (they love to keep our office at subzero temperatures) I will get back to this big one. Just in time for summer, ha!

For my new friends, you can see the other batches here.
Bunch 1
Bunch 2
Bunch 3
Bunch 4

Thanks for looking and I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!!



Anonymous said...

Cant wait to see it all finished! I crochet myself and so far have finished one and a half blankets :(

Sarah said...

Sigh, love your granny squares! They're so nice!

I wish I knew how to crochet so bad! Oh well, I'll stick to knitting. ♥

Jamie said...

No frownie faces, one and a half blankets is a lot!! This is only the first one I've ever made!

I first learned how to knit but two needles was too much for me to deal with, I love just one little hook! I wish I stuck with knitting a bit longer because some of the clothing patterns are so pretty!!

Courtney said...

Yes! I love it! I hope that you don't get all squared out for the blogger blanket! I am going to post about it this week so I hope that you are still in!

Jamie said...

OH YES!! I totally forgot!! Maybe if they are the same size squares as the Craftster ones I can put them all together for a big afghan instead. Ooo or I really would like some pillows made from squares...maybe that's what I'll do with the blogger ones...hmmm ideas, ideas!!
I am definitely still in!!

Anonymous said...

I can't knit either and love the one needle and thats why crocheting is for me :-)