Lists 17 & 18

List 17 - Places to See in Allentown
I've only actually been to 4 of these places. The museum, Dorney Park, Lights in the Parkway (you drive through this huge set up of Christmas lights) and the fair.

List 18 - Words that are hard to spell.
I like to think I'm a pretty good speller but there are some words that I ALWAYS mess up!!



Meg Needles said...

Good lists. you know, I've never been to Dorney Park. I live in Philly but haven't made it out there yet.

aki! said...

You've totally got me with the spelling. I always want to write "guarentee" and "consence", even though the latter doesn't even look right.


Jamie said...

Meg you should make a day trip, it'd be about a 45 minute drive up here. Since it's only 5 minutes from my apt sometimes we'll go after 5pm for half price which is awesome!!

Aki I always spell it gaurantee! The U right after the G looks so wrong to me!

Sarah said...

Aw, I love that you are still doing the listy lists! And "guarantee" kills me as well!

Jamie said...

You know what happened, I had people coming over so I put the journal for my lists in a drawer and basically, out of sight out of mind!