My own Buntings!

Hello all, happy hump day!

After making the buntings that I am giving away (still time to enter here!!) I wanted some of my own! I loved where I hung the Christmas Buntings I had made and that wall has looked so blank ever since I took them down.

I wanted to make ones with the same yellow fabric as the ones I'm giving away because I loved it so much! Major bummer though, they didn't have anymore when I went back to Joanns =( I did however find this lovely flower fabric that just screams spring! I also had the perfect dusty rose colored yarn to make the flower accents and found these buttons in my huge stash that looked good too.

And this is their new home!

I'm so happy with them. The way I have the tv stand and little night table (not pictured but it is right at the feet of the lamp on the right) on that wall, nothing really looks good hanging there. It's such an awkward space but having buntings up there really pulls everything together! I think I want to do a "My Apt. Tour" for you guys so you can see how my whole place is set up. It's tiny but I love it and I think I have made it very homey and comfy!

Have a great day!



* said...

very pretty :)

ellecupcake said...

It looks great! I love the Christmas one too. :)

Jamie said...

Thanks ladies <3

Trees said...

I really love your buntings - so pretty and whimsical:)

Jessi said...

cute! I love that added touch of the flowers

Jamie said...

I'm glad you all like them so much! They're a bit "girlier" than most decor I have. Somehow I didn't care though because they're so bright and cheery which I really need sometimes!!