May Goals

So ladies and gents...let's see what I have on my To Do list for this lovely month of May!

Finish old & new book club books. (I really need to get caught up!!)
Finish and send out 2 swaps. One from Craftster and one from Swap-Bot.
Save another $100 for FL
Eat more fruit!
Cook more MEALS during the week. (I've been in a rut of just eating pasta, mac & cheese, soup, etc.)
And last but not least - pass my Licensing Test so I can move into the Health Sales Deptartment!!!

I also wanted to mention all the awesome things I am looking forward to this month, it's going to be a busy one!

VNA Sale this weekend!
Artstar Craft Bazaar in Philly next weekend!
Getting a tattoo May 23 by Jesse!! It's going to be massive...well massive for me, my whole right rib cage...eeekk!! It will be nothing but pure badassness, I promise you!
Camping in Lake Erie with Jeremy Memorial Day weekend and hopefully seeing the Lake Erie Monster, Bessie, HA!!

This is going to be an AWESOME month!!

I hope everyone is having a lovely Monday so far!



Erin Dawn said...

Fuck yeah lake monsters! Take lots of photos of that beauty, haha! <3

Anonymous said...

Lol, that sounds like old Nessie up in the Lochs of Scotland - good luck getting the pic! xox

Jamie said...

I think that's where they stole it from..Nessie..Bessie, not very creative but whatevs!
I would poop myself if I saw it in person but man oh man seeing Bessie and getting some sweet pics would be PRETTY amazing!!

Tanya said...

what swap are you doing on craftster? i'm in the dia de los muertos swap!

Sarah said...

I hope to see lots of lake monster photos, hehe!

I definitely need to make some May goals as well, this is too inspiring. Seems like a good way to stay focused. :)

Jamie said...

Tanya - I am in the Ga Ga for Granny's Granny Square Swap. I'm hoping I get my partners today!! One of the first swaps I ever did on Craftster was a Dia De Los Muertos one and I still have a ton of stuff from it as decor around my house (a mask and a painting) and a necklace that I wear ALL the time! I'll definitely be stalking the gallery.

Sarah - Putting these goals on here DEFINITLEY helps keep me focused!!

Jessi said...

I need to do goal list each month! great idea

Jamie said...

Jessi - I normally only ever did daily and weekly to do lists. I just recently started these monthly ones and posting them up here really keeps me driven to complete everything!