Book Review: The Sea-Hawk

The Sea-Hawk by Rafael Sabatini was last months Book Club book. I finally finished it Sunday night (yeah 3 weeks late) and I really loved it! It's about a man, Sir Oliver who is accused of killing his girlfriend's brother. He is actually covering for his own brother, Lionel who was the murderer. Lionel has Oliver kidnapped and enslaved on a ship. While a slave on this Spanish ship, Oliver becomes a Muslim. His ship is raided by Barbary pirates, they free him from being a slave because he is now Muslim like them and he becomes a pirate. Years later he goes back and kidnaps his girlfriend to only find out that she is now married to his brother!
The book was written in 1915 so you can imagine the language is quite a bit different than modern novels.

"Sakr-el-Bahr (this is Sir Oliver's new name), scimitar in hand, stood on the prow, a little in advance of the mob of eager babbling corsairs who surrounded him, quivering in their impatience to be let loose upon the Christian foe. Above, along the yardarm and up the ratlines swarmed his bowmen. From the mast-head floated out his standard, of crimson charged with a green crescent."

This book was really exciting and everything you would expect from a Pirate novel. Lots of fighting at sea, slaves, kidnapping, Muslims vs. Christians, etc. In the beginning it was a little hard to get used to the language and I didn't know all the words that were being used. I just looked up the words (corsair for example is just another word for pirate) and let myself be taken into this pirate world! All in all I really loved this book!

Hope everyone has a great day!


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