Cross Stitch Surprise Received!

Hi all!

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Mine was awesome, Jeremy took me for Hibachi and to see 'Insidious' on Saturday night. That movie scared the ever loving crap out of me, I screamed out loud multiple times!!

Also, before we left I checked my mail and had this wonderful package waiting for me! I am so, so thrilled with this whole Swap-Bot experience. I will most definitely be doing it again!
So...like I mentioned before, this swap was a surprise and totally up to the sender so she picked these ideas from what I put in my profile. She went with the Halloween theme.
This first one is so adorable! I couldn't get them to show up in the picture but there are tiny red beads for eyes on the spider!!

These stacked pumpkins are so adorable!

Last but not least, she sent me an extra!! A crow perched on a sheep and it is my absolute favorite! All the designs the stitches make are awesome!!

I am so happy that these two fit perfectly in some of the frames I picked up at the VNA sale last weekend!! I am going to pick up a tiny embroidery hoop for the ghost.

My partner completely spoiled me and I am now officially in love with Swap-Bot!

In other swap news, I am more than half way done with my Craftster granny square swap which I am super happy about. I tend to leave things to the last minute but I started these squares right away. I think I'll even be sending fairly early, woot!
Have a great Monday my dears!



Meg Needles said...

I love the crow sitting on a sheep! So cute!

Anonymous said...

My favourite is the ghost one, though they're all awesome, they fit perfectly in those frames:) xox

Courtney said...

That is so awesome! I am really loving swap-bot now! I have done a handful of trades and even though someone flaked another person came through for me and send me something! I thinking about setting up a blog related swap there for girls like you and Cuppy and other who joined swap-bot but want some raetings or something...
What do you think?

Kathleen said...

I <3 Swap-Bot, I've just gotten some amazing swaps recently myself. I'm a Halloween fan, too, so I love the cross-stitches you got spoiled with. :D The little ghost and spider are so cute!

I also really love the cross-stitches you sent for this swap, the monogrammed letter was so pretty.

Jamie said...

Meg - The crow on the sheep is totally my favorite!!

Donna - The ghost one is so cute! I wish the little red beads the spider has for eyes would have photographed better. It kept coming out super blurry =(

Courtney - That is a bummer about the flake, that's definitely one of my swapping fears! I think a blog related swap on there would be AWESOME!!!! I would sooo be down for that!!

Kathleen - I am so glad I joined swap-bot, I can't wait to join another swap on there!

Jessi said...

so fun!

Trees said...

Wow! What a great score. I especially love the pumpkin one and the ghostie is so cute. They look fabulous in those frames too.

Ayeisha said...

I love these :]
Seriously, too cute!!!