I've been inspired by a number of posts I've read recently to introduce you all to Jeremy. I mention him constantly and I thought maybe you guys would like a little info on how we met and became Us.

We met through a mutual friend. Jeremy and Bryan worked together and Bryan and I were friends. Friday October 3rd, 2008 (yeah, I know the exact day) Bryan was coming over with a friend of his visiting from North Carolina. We had no real plans other than just hang out on the deck with my sister Jessie and drink. Earlier in the day Bryan texted me to ask if he could also bring a friend from work over. I told him of course because anyone he is friends with is probably awesome.

I still remember when Jeremy walked in the door, he was so cute. Tall, dark and handsome! He had on a Famous hoodie with the hood up, a cruded up pair of jeans and sneakers. It may be weird but...I love when guys are dirty. Like construction workers, roofers, mechanics, I don't care. There's something so manly about a guy covered in dirt! He is a machinist so he gets pretty dirty at work.

We ended up sitting on my porch the entire night talking about horror movies. Literally, like 6 hours talking about any and every horror movie. It was fantastic and I was completely smitten <3

The next night Jessie and I had plans to go to a haunted house with Bryan and his girlfriend to start off the Halloween season. During the day I texted Bryan and told him he should invite Jeremy. So that night the 5 of us piled in Jessie's car and drove up to the haunted house. This was only a few months after my accident and I was still supposed to be using crutches. I didn't want to be "that girl with crutches" though so I just hobbled around the whole place. I couldn't walk very fast and Jeremy hung back with me so I wasn't alone. Eventually I had a really hard time walking anymore so he gave me a piggy back ride. First he dropped me which I still bring up because it's hilarious that he dropped a crippled girl! But then he carried me all around the rest of the night. Afterward we ended up at Bryan's house just hanging out and Jeremy asked for my number!!

That Sunday Bryan was at our apartment. He came over almost every Sunday, he would bring us hoagies and we would just veg out and watch tv. Like I said, this was right after my accident and we partied in our apartment pretty much every weekend. Sundays were days to recooperate. I didn't ever care if I wasn't showered or just in pajamas in front of Bryan, he was just Bryan. I wasn't trying to impress him and he certainly didn't care. So here we are all about to chow down on these hoagies and Bryan asks if it is ok that he invited Jeremy over. I of course perked up, said yes and asked when he would be coming. Bryan said in about 20 minutes. I freaked out!! I tried to quickly shower, put on my face and dry my hair all before he got there. This is clearly an impossible task and I ended up trying to walk out of my room all nonchalant when he was already there, doh!

Over the next few weeks we were practically attached at the hips. He worked third shift, 2pm - 10pm and I worked 8am - 5pm. After I got out of work I would go home, nap, wake up, shower and hang out with him after he was out of work. We hung out at the bar down the street and played pool, watched movies or tv, went out to eat, etc. It was fantastic and needless to say, we grew closer every day. We also went on a road trip together that February. Everyone said we were nuts to be stuck in a car with a person we had only been dating 5 months. Those people were all wrong because we had an amazing time and even better memories of it!!

I am the luckiest girl alive. He is my rock, my lil' lover face, my everything. I am a better person when I am with him and he encourages and supports me in anything I do. He spoils me rotten and he is my best friend (next to Liz of course). I can not imagine being as happy as I am now and so madly in love with someone.

Here are a few of my favorite pictures of us over the years...

This is the first picture taken of us. That's me, Jeremy and Bryan (making a lovely face) while playing drinking games in Bryan's basement.

Here we are on our road trip at the New Orleans Aquarium the day after Mardi Gras.

Dancing at my dear friend Katie & Scott's wedding. Jeremy is an AWESOME dancer, it's one of my favorite things about him!

Halloween 2 years ago. Liz made her own Dinosaur costume, I was Little Dead Riding Hood and Jeremy was Waldo.

Us floating down the Delaware River last summer.

This is my all time favorite picture of the two of us. We were in a Karaoke Bar at the Tropicana in Atlantic City for Kristin's birthday last July. I don't know why but sometimes he hugs me and puts all his weight on me until I start collapsing...this is what is happening here. I just love our faces though!

I had to restrain myself from posting more pictures. I have a knack for getting Jeremy to stick is head in things or put things on his head and letting me take pictures of him. He would NOT be a happy camper if I posted all those on here though!
Anyway, I hope you liked seeing a bit more about my other half. Have a great day my dears!



Mollie said...

Great story! Have a happy Monday!

Erin Dawn said...

I love hearing about how they met their significant other. You guys are cute!

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what a sweet post and the pictures were fun to look at.

Trees said...

awww... Such a lovely story:)

Jamie said...

Aww thanks ladies!! I'm glad you all enjoyed it!

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Such a sweet story! I love it! :]