April Goals Recap

Well hello May, you sure snuck up on me! Here is a quick recap of my April Goals. I didn't get everything done but I'm pretty satisfied.

Clean out under my craft table - DONE
(I even cleaned out my whole car & trunk while on the cleaning spree!)
Dye Curtains - DONE
(I wanted them purple but they're more like a lilac, I'm not in love with them but they'll do.)
Finish Old & New book club books - Sort of DONE
(I finished the old one and am 3/4 done with the new one.)
Save another $100 for FL - DONE
(I'm so close to the amount I want to have saved before we go, YAY!)
Finish Bunting - have blog Giveaway! - DONE
(You can enter the Giveaway here!)

Fix Car! NOT DONE =(
I have to order the part now and womp, womp it's a whole long story but it has to be done by the end of May because I need to get my car inspected. I wish someone would invent teleportation already, I am not a fan of cars!!


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