May Goals Recap

I'm pretty satisfied with everything I got accomplished this month!

I really need to get better at cooking myself meals. I go through spurts where I will cook lots of awesome meals but right now I am in a total rut. I think it might have something to do with the swaps. All I wanted to do when I got home was work on these projects. Cooking seemed like such a waste of time. I've just been eating lots of pasta, soup, mac & cheese, nothing exciting. Do you have any awesome easy and cheap recipes? Or do you follow any foodie blogs? I think I only follow one but it's all desserts, I need more meals!

Also, May freaking FLEW by!!



* said...

I post recipes now and then on my blog if that is any help and there are some great, great food blogs out there, where I get loads of ideas.
Good luck!

Trees said...

May flew by! You did so well with your goals - cooking for yourself can be difficult. Luckily both of us cook - so usually at least one of us feels motivated to cook (if not its down to the local Malaysian place!) I use this website a lot for cooking - www.healthyfoodguide.co.nz. It has loads of yummy & easy recipes:)

Ashley said...

I need to cook more during the week as well. It's so easy for me to eat leftovers or munch or pick something up instead. :[

Jamie said...

Kym - I think I've printed a few of your recipes to try!

Trees - I will most definitely be checking out that site, thanks!!

Ashley - I'm pretty good about not just picking things up because I'm a cheap bastard but I will just eat pasta over and over and over!