Cross Stitch Surprise

Hi Friends!

I feel like I have been so busy the last 2 weeks! I had to take my licensing class (during work, thank goodness) and then study so I could pass my test Tuesday, WOOT!
I had signed up for my first Swap-Bot swap last month and I sent out Monday. The swap was only for 2 small cross stitched pieces both for the same partner but are a surprise and totally up to the sender! This was slightly stressful for me because "What if my partnter doesn't like it?!" And I mean there's no theme or guideline or anything, it just had to be no smaller than approx. 2.5 X 3.5cm and no larger than 3.5 X 5.5cm and no frames or attaching it to anything.
I must have read my partners profile a dozen times before I decided what I would stich for her. First off she said one of her favorite colors is lime green. In one of my cross stitch books, there is a pattern that the author found on a dress in Palestine. I really liked it so I changed the colors but made sure lime green was in there. Then I decided on a monogram...because who doesn't love a monogram?! I love this pattern I found with the leaves. It totally reminds me of the big letters in the beinning of a fairy tale book!

I also didn't realize til yesterday that the partner I send to is not the partner sending to me! I'm so used to Craftster where you and your partner craft for each other. I like this way too though because it's a chance to meet even more people!

I've also been crocheting like a mad woman! I have to make 30 granny squares, 6 squares for 5 different partners as part of the Ga Ga for Granny Squares Craftster swap. These squares are 7 inches which is bigger than the ones I've been making myself. I love watching the giant stack of these ones building up! So far I have 10 done and 5 more are half way finished. I don't have to send out until June 6th but at this rate, I think I'll be ready to send much sooner!

I hope that you are all having a lovely day!



Meg Needles said...

Those are gorgeous! I bet your partner will love them!

* said...

these stitches are really pretty, nice work!

Sarah said...

So jealous! Your cross stitch is beautiful! I love the big fairy tale letter. :)

Jamie said...

Aww thank you so much Sarah!

Jessi said...

I have wanted to start cross stitching again - this inspires me!