Granny Squares Continue!

So I kind of stopped making the granny squares for my afghan. I had made so many at once, I think I burned out. No worries though, I picked that hook back up again! I have 12 more finished, a total of 48!! That's more than half way done!

This weekened we went camping in the Poconos at my friend, Kara's family cabin. It took about 2 hours to get there so I did some crocheting on the way there and back while Jeremy drove. It's this really old house built in the 1840's. It was once a Bed & Breakfast but now is just a cabin her family goes to for hunting, fishing, camping and general getting away from it all! It was beautiful even though it rained a lot. There were 10 of us there and when a bunch of people went fishing I stayed behind with my sister and our friend, LaQuan in the cabin. I crocheted a ton more while Jessie read to us from this really awesome special Time Magazine Issue, 100 Ideas that Changed the World. It was everything from cavemen to discovering the Atom, the idea that the Earth spins around the Sun, electricity, and all the most influential ideas that have changed the course of history! We only got about half way through before everyone came back but it was a good time just talking and learning about all that stuff.
Anyway...here are the next 12 squares!

You can see the other squares I've made if you'd like...
First Bunch
Second Bunch
Third Bunch

Also, I have no idea why I've been making them in bunches of 12, weird!
I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!!



Jessi said...

I have tried to learn to crochet - and I just can't do it!

Jamie said...

Jessi - it took me quite a few tries before I got the hang of crochet. I actually just made random swatches that I ended up using as wash clothes around the house to learn different stitches. I made one all of single crochet, then another of all double crochet, etc. After a while, it just sort of clicked!

Alicia Zak said...

The squares look fantastic! You are doing such a great job. I too tried to crochet but I just didn't like the feel of it so I decided to give it up. I think I am just going to stick to baking :P

Alicia Zak said...

They look awesome! I too tried to crochet but it just felt awkward so I decided to give it up. I think I am just going to stick to baking :P

Jamie said...

Thank you Alicia!! I felt really weird trying to knit, 2 sticks is too much for me!
I'm glad you're sticking to baking though because you are AWESOME at it!!

* said...

these colors are great together...good job.

Jamie said...

Thanks Kym!! I hope they look good when I sew them all together!

The Fancy Lady said...

that sounds like fun its so beautiful up there and i love cool old places thats sounds fantastic , i love to take trips to pa alot its so great up there.
i was reading your post on the clinton road post i wrote awhile back you said you went to the devils tree how was that? i remember seeing it in my weird nj book but we never got around to going there , if you have any other suggestions of creepy places please share lol
great blog by the way i love the colors on your granny square i need to learn to make those lol

Jamie said...

OMG I totally have a scary story about the Devil's Tree that I wanted to give to Erin but I don't have any pictures of it (i bet I could google it though)!!! I've actually heard that it was cut down but I don't if that's true. It's right near where I grew up and I go there often so I'll have to check.
I went to the Devil's Tomb a few times and you have to drive up Jacob's Ladder, nothing scary every happened there though. We shimmied up a tree and went into the tomb but it was just full of graffit and beer cans. It's in Bernardsville. I also went to some abandoned monastary or something but I have no idea where that was! Probably the same area, Somerset County.
Oh to be a teen with a Weird NJ in hand again...hehe!