Lists 10 & 11

Happy Friday!

Here are two more lists from the 30 Days of Lists challenge.

#10 On my Wishlist

Pretty self explanitory. Oh except the "real bed" part. I have a futon. My apartment is a studio so I needed something that could convert to seating when I have company. It's alright but my hips don't like it much! If I sleep on the middle part (it's hard since that's where it bends into a couch) I wake up very sore and stiff. I can't wait to have a real bed again!

#11 Date Night Ideas

Again...pretty obvious! On the Border is a Mexican restaurant, it's a chain but it is soo good! Plus most of these things we already do or have done but I'd like to do again. Except shooting guns, I've never done that and I really want to!! Oh and we've never hiked together and we live right by the Appalachian Trail so that's kind of sad that we haven't.
I forgot to put bowling on here. Jeremy loves bowling, he's in leagues and goes once a week. We go together or with friends sometimes and always have fun. The last time we went just the two of us, about a month ago we had such a good time. I honestly felt like we were on a first date or something <3

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!



Mollie said...

Would you rather a real bed or a real boy? Is that too personal, since we don't know each other that well? Huh.

So yeah. I'm accumulating chocolate and caramel-y goodness! You have no idea how rare caramel is here. These people are so weird. Chocolate and caramel are for reals a fantastic combo, and they don't realize it!

I'm sending Cadbury (of course, derp) but some other special things that I hope you'll like. You'll probably get them sometime by the end of the week...because you know, I want to win!

Jamie said...

A real bed AND a real boy, too greedy?!
Those brits are lunes! How can caramel be rare?! I'd die or at the very least kill someone!!
I'm going to the candy store tomorrow night so I can send asap! Erin made me nervous when she said some international shipping can take 1.5 weeks!

Mollie said...

Do you know what? I got a bunch of great candy, put it in a padded envelope, mailed it off, got home and realized I'd forgotten the Cadbury.

Anyway...should be there in a week to ten days!