I won (another one)!

Last week the wonderful and lovely Miss Cuppy had a giveaway for a few products from reuseit.com and I won!!!
I was so stoked ESPECIALLY for the shopping totes. I like to think I'm pretty concious of reducing, reusing and recycling but I never did get on the whole reusable shopping bag band wagon. I have a Brita water filter in my refridgerator (that, soy milk and beer is all that's ever in my fridge, Jeremy hates it. He wants soda or iced tea but I won't drink it so I don't buy it! Plus lugging those bottles up 3 flights of stairs with my other groceries would be murder!!) I have a bottle I bring to work everyday filled with water that way I'm not buying and throwing away bottles. I also make my own coffee at home in the morning and I have a cute little travel mug that I use. (Also, supplying my own water and coffee is MASSIVELY cheaper than buying it in the cafe at work, the vending machines, Wawa, Starbucks, etc.) I know most of the reason I never had any reusable shopping totes came from a part of me that would say "I'm not gonna buy one, I can just make one." but I never actually did, which is pretty ridiculous and embarassing!
I am super, super excited to use everything so let me show you what I got!!

The shopping totes are already in my car so I have them on hand any time I go into a store.

I love the notes about why everyone should have reusable totes in the area where plastic bags say they are hazardous and not toys.

How adorable is this "paper" bag and the napkins?!?

I'm leaving one of the napkins at work and the other three at home for Jeremy and I to use during dinner. I don't want to use the lunch bag for my actual lunch though because A. I bring my own cereal and milk in separate tupperwares to work every day and sometimes the milk leaks out a little bit and I don't want to ruin the bag (I do have a lunch box though, no bags!) and B. This bag is so cute, if I were to leave it in the refridgerator at work I know someone would steal it. Seriously...people steal shit all the time at my job, it's insane. Especally when it comes to food! A lady I used to sit next to brought in half a stromboli that she had eaten for dinner the night before and someone took it!! One of our managers had tuna in a tupperware and the bread in separate bags so he could make the sandwich when he was ready and it wouldn't be soggy...someone stole the bread!! I had someone go in my drawer, in my purse, in my wallet and steal $30!!! Needless to say that was in the very beginning of me working there and I take my purse everywhere with me and lock my drawers now but...I work with some scummy people! Enough of that rant! I will be finding something more adorable and useful for this bag (tote around crafts maybe?...yes!)

Here is my new water bottle that will be replacing my plastic one. It's so nice and sturdy and I love that it says "this is not a plastic bottle". This little black bag had a tag saying it is for Pet Toys/Stuff. However, my snake doesn't really have toys/stuff that I would be carrying around, hehe! Instead I am going to use it to put all of my mini reuseable bottles of shampoo, body wash, contact case, toothpaste, etc. for when we go camping.

I am so incredibly happy with everything!! I talked with Natalie at reuseit.com after I won and she was extremely nice and shipped everything out the same day! Please visit their website and purchase a few things that I'm sure you can find good use for and possibly replace some not so good things you are currently using. Honestly, we as humans have done so much harm to our planet and it is the only one we have. It breaks my heart to know that there are so many little, simple changes every person could make to help but don't because they won't change their habits. I'm not very good with words but my Aunt Stephanie is. She won an Earth Day Photo Contest (go look at the picture, she is an amazing photographer as well) that cafepress.com had last year and she really summed it up "The Big Blue marble is our home: Mother Earth sustains us and we should live in balance with her."

Thank you Cuppy for this amazing giveaway and thank you reuseit.com for all that you do!!

Psst...Check back tomorrow because I am having a giveaway of my own!!!



Courtney said...

I'm so happy someone so awesome won! I love all of those items and while I am jealous I am also really happy that this is something that you needed and are already utiliaing! Yay! Enjoy them!

Natalie said...

Glad you liked your stuff! The stuff sack actually says it's made from PET, which is recycled plastic bottles. Here's a link to a post I did with a bunch of uses for it: http://reusablebags.typepad.com/blog/2011/01/20-uses-for-the-reuseit-recycled-pet-stuff-sack.html

Congrats on winning!

Jamie said...

Omg don't I feel like a genius! Haha!!

cuppy said...

YAY !!! I'm super happy you won !!!


Nicole Coffin. said...

awesome. congrats! i really need to jump on the re-useable bag bandwagon!! (i just hate the ones you buy from the store though!)...totally in need of making or buying cute ones like those!! :)