Candy Swap!

A few weeks ago the wonderful Erin organized an Easter Candy Swap. As soon as I heard the word "candy", I was in! I was paired up with the hilarious Mollie. She lives in the UK and I was so, so excited to get some English candy! Mollie did not disappoint. First off as soon as I got home I saw my package at the door and literally "squeed" out loud! It's not every day I get Royal Mail!!

There's English Toffee, Milk Chocolate Butterflies, the little lumps in the clear bag Mollie told me are called Grey's Tea Cakes (I will be making tea to eat them with, British it up and what not) and a Yorkie Bar.
Here are all my sweet treats!

Tell me this isn't hilarious!! I ate it last night and it was sooo delicious! Chocolate, raisins and "biscuit" which is like the crunchy stuff in Hershey's Crunch bars.

I am so glad I participated in this swap!! Thank you Erin for organizing it and thank you Mollie for the wonderful Candy!!
Have a sweet Thursday kids!



Mollie said...

Well bless you, I just posted about your box of treats! Hilarious!

Erin Dawn said...

I love Yorkies! This is awesome!!

Trees said...

What a great package! I love snack swaps:D

Jamie said...

I had so much fun doing this swap! Not only did I have an excuse to go into the candy shop but I also got stuff from England!! I'm telling you, that Royal Mail made my day!!