March Goal Recap

I'm a couple days late but I just wanted to give a quick recap of what I accomplished out of my March Goals list. Not everything but I'm pretty satisfied with what I did get done. Everything in red I did not get done so obviously those are now on my April list!

March Goals
Paint Lindsay's Piggy Bank
Clean out 3 dresser drawers
Clean out/organize the closet
(I ended up with 2 garbage bags full of stuff to donate!)
Try 2 new recipes
(I actually tried 4!)
Get a plant for my apartment
(Isn't he so cute?! He's a philadendron.)
Save $100 for Florida
(I saved more than double, woot!)
Clean under craft table

Dye Curtains

Finish next Book Club book

(I'm about 2/3 done.)

Fix Car!!!
Workout 4 hours a week

So on to April! It is dark and rainy and scary here right now, a storm is brewin'!


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