Working on my 2011 Goals

So instead of doing what I should be doing (Vegas Shirts and a Birthday Present), I have been hooking up these adorable Granny Squares. One of my 2011 Craft Goals is to make myself a Granny Square Afghan. Friday Jeremy had surgery so he spent most of the weekend at my house recooperating. We just laid around and watched movies and Arrested Development (love) on Netflix. Since he was in pain, he wasn't up for much snuggling which gave me lots of time to craft! I have a little Caron brand Afghan booklet, you know the ones they have in the little racks hanging off the yarn sections in Joanns? There is the perfect granny square afghan in there so I decided that is the one I will make! I'm using almost the exact same color scheme too just because I love it so much! I only had the red, yellow, green and black yarn on hand so I've been making those ones. I want to incoorperate some blue and purple too.
I need 88 squares total so this is definitely going to take a while. I'm such a crazy person about lists that I even have a giant list of all the color schemes of each square and how many I'll need, etc. There's nothing like checking something off a list!

Some gratuitous granny square shots...

My step mom put all my Christmas presents in this basket and before we left I asked if she wanted it back. She said I could keep it because I "like baskets". I'm not entirely sure what that means, I don't even own any baskets but I couldn't tell her I didn't want it. So I took it home and it has been sitting, empty next to my TV stand. I had nowhere else to put it or store it or anything. THEN! As I was trying to decide where to keep all my granny squares I saw it there, all alone and empty in the corner...BOOM! I shall fill it with my granny squares!!



Amy said...

#1. I love lists as well.
#2. I LOOOOVE Arrested Development! (Did you know they're making a movie?)
#3. I love granny square afghans most of all.
#4. I love your granny square color scheme!

Jamie said...

I have lists EVERYWHERE, in my purse, on my fridge, two in the living room...it's ridiculous! I have heard that they are making a movie and I hope soooo much that they do!! I love Buster!!

The Sun and the Turtle said...

They look awesome!

Jamie said...

Thank you so much, I love making them!