Instax 1

Here is the first photo I took for my 52 Photos in 52 Weeks project.
This is Jeremy, the love of my life! I took this picture Thursday night just before he was leaving. Every Thursday almost since we've been together, we have dinner together. Sometimes we go out, other times we just order in. We've also started watching movies, etc. I mean we eat dinner together and go out other days but Thursday is set in stone. It's kind of a date night, it's my favrite day of the week.
I also kind of love that his eyes are closed in this picture <3



Trees said...

YAH! I love polaroid camera's - I bought one in Korea...I really need to get some more film for it though for instant photo goodness!

Jamie said...

I've never had one and it is so fun! I stress a little about getting a good picture and not wasting the film but at the same time, the imperfections are part of what make them so great!

Van said...

Aw, sweet first photo for the project. :)

Jamie said...

Thanks Van! I know it's kind of cliche to have a picture of my boyfriend as the first in a series of 'what I love' but he is my #1 hehe!