A few crocheted presents for Liz

A couple weeks ago I showed you a little sneek peak of something I made for Liz.
Now that we have exchanged gifts I can show you what that was, it was actually two little manatees!! Liz loves manatees, we swam with them a few years ago in Florida so I can see why she would. They're pretty darn cute!
Meet Manny and Mary Jo Manatee.

I made Manny (the darker grey one) with a hook one size larger than Mary Jo just so he could be a little bigger. Then I added a little bow on Mary Jo so you would know she's a girl!
I got the pattern from NeedleNoodles. It was a quick pattern and very easy to follow.

Liz also likes to wear those earwarmer/headband things. She has started to like certain shades of yellow too so when I saw someone made one of these on Craftster I decided I wanted to make one for her! Turns out I look pretty cute in it too, so I might make myself one (not in yellow though!)

I found this pattern from JTEastCoast. It worked up ridiculously fast, it says to make 3 flowers but there was no way to fit 3 on there! (I could have if I used a smaller hook but pssh, I like it with just two.) I didn't take a picture of the button holding it together in the back but it was so pretty, silvery with flowers and vines.

I'm officially addicted to crocheting!!



Amy said...

Yes, join the Crochet Addicts club!
I've been wanting to make a headband like that, and I think that today I just might tackle that project! Thanks for the link, because I think I'm totally going to use that pattern! haha!

The Sun and the Turtle said...

I love those ones, I made one and I am planning to make another one with more flowers for me. They are so beautiful

Jamie said...

I've never had one before and I was so surprised at how warm it kept my ears, I ended up making one for myself!