Embroidery Floss

I used to have a tiny plastic container to store my embroidery floss in. My floss collection eventually outgrew it and I asked for a bigger container for Christmas. I got one but then I forgot I need the little plastic spools to wrap the floss around. I just bought all these new spools and spent a couple hours wrapping up my floss. It's all so nice and pretty and organized now. However, this container is so big it is only half full. I guess I need to buy more =P

Just some gratuitous shots of it all nice and organized, the colors make me so happy!

Now if I could only find a way to organize all my yarn a little better!



Amy said...

I love organizing my crafts! It always makes me feel so good.
And I don't think that there's EVER going to be a good way to organize yarn! lol. The only suggestion I would have is get a yarn ball winder and then you can stack them easier.
If you find a way please share with the rest of the class! haha

Jamie said...

I have been thinking about getting a yarn baller ever since I saw you organize all yours!! First I need to find better place to actually keep it all, it is currently all jammed onto a bookshelf but there's almost no room left =/

Apex said...

I love organizing my threads. But it only stays organized for a month or two.