Instax 3

Here is Instax number 3 in my 52 Photos in 52 Weeks project.

This is my bear. When I was really little I called him Brownie and I had a white bear that I pretended was her sister and her name was Oatmeal. Somewhere along the line he lost the name Brownie and is now only referred to as My Bear. Is it ridiculous that a 27 year old still sleeps with a teddy bear?! Well I don't care...it's not like I suck my thumb (never did) or wet the bed! I only sleep with him when I'm alone, it's a comfort thing, both emotional and physically. I can jam him right under my head and shoulder and it's so perfect.
Anyway...I somehow just got very defensive about my bear =)
He looks sooo ragged, I can hardly believe it. I've had him my whole life. I got him from my Godfather who I actually don't know.
Story is that when my father and mother lived on the ranch (they trained horses together) my mother and one of the other handlers got into a fight and the guy almost pushed my mother down the stairs when she was pregnant with me. This other guy, who's name I don't even know stepped in and knocked him out. Thus, becoming my Godfather. I guess he got my bear for me too.
Kind of a weird story, but I like it.



Amy said...

I think he's adorable!!
And no, it's not weird, because I"m also 27 and have TONS of stuffed animals everywhere. And if my husband is traveling, I definitely sleep with one. :)

Hearthandmade said...

Ur not alone! I sleep with a bear too n I'm almost 25. If there's no bear I hug a pillow. Even if my bf is there lol
My best friend is 30 and now pregnant, in the 5 years ive known her she's always slept with a bear! Im so glad you're with me in the thrift challenge. I'm glad I found ur blog too!
Claire x

Jamie said...

Yay I am so glad I'm not alone!!