Earwarmer for Myself!

I made this earwarmer for Liz for Christmas. While I was taking the pictures wearing it, Jeremy was over and said I looked cute in it and that I should make my own. I finished this bad boy up a couple days ago but the batteries in my camera died so I couldn't take pictures. (I really need to get rechargable ones!) It snowed here today which was the perfect opporunity to wear it out!! I even wore it around my apt last night and it kept me toasty warm.

Gaah please don't mind my crazy hair. It was in a pony tail all day and I haven't dyed it in almost 2 weeks!



Amy said...

I think that's really awesome! I keep thinking about ear warmers like this, and I think that today it's going to snow here, so I think that might be my project for today. :)

Jamie said...

Ooo do it! It was so easy, it only took me two days because I made it after I got home from work, you could definitely do it in one day!

Sarah Marie said...

That looks really nice! *thumbs up*