Shannon's Owl

Our friends do a Secret Santa every year because otherwise it'd get a little expensive to get presents for everyone between the 5 of us. This year I got Shannon and was so happy because I have been seeing this Rupert the Owl pattern from Irene Strange for a while and really wanted to make him!
Shannon loves owls just as much as I do so I whipped this guy up for her. The pattern was very easy to follow and it was kind of nice crocheting a doll not in the normal amigurumi style with rounds. I don't crochet much where you "turn" at the end of a row so it was good practice. I love that the body is kind of like the granny square style and that I could pick a ton of colors or just a few. I decided to stick with only 3 colors. Mostly white for the body and closed eyes, red for the stripe on the body, the top of his head, his eyes and nose and then I used a darker red around the outside of his head. When Jeremy saw him he kept saying "Why is he wearing a hat?" "Did you attach the hat to that owl?" It was difficult to explain to him that it wasn't a freaking hat!
Anyway...here he is!

At some point I want to make a Rupert of my own!



Amy said...

Oh, and he's pretty big too! That's awesome!! I really like him, and I LOVE owls. I might have to make one of those myself. :)

Jamie said...

Yeah he's big! I'd say about the size of a softball. You should totally make one, the pattern was really easy to follow. The only difficult part was attaching the head to the body because I was doing red yarn with white and didn't want any of it to show. That's the only part I hate about amigurumi, sewing all the pieces together.

Amy said...

Ugh, sewing all the pieces is DEFINITELY the worst part! Whenever I make my own patterns, I make it as little sewing as possible. lol!
And I love your new look!