Instax 2

Here is Instax number 2 in my 52 Photos in 52 Weeks project.

These are my Chucks (Converse, All Stars, Chuck Taylors, etc.). I have quite a few pairs of shoes that I love in their own way but nothing comes close to the love I have for my Chucks.
It all started when I was little, my sister and I practically lived outside. We rode our bikes all day, everyday but we never actually used the brakes. We would just drag our toes to stop the bike. After a while I guess my mom got sick of having to buy us new shoes because we wore through so many of them. She bought us the generic brand chucks because of the rubber toes. As a 6 year old, I had no clue about brand names and what not but when I got older I wanted "real" chucks and that's all I wore for years. There was a brief stint in middle school and the beginning of high school that I sported combat boots (the generic Doc Martin) and Vans. Those Vans were pretty amazing, they were black and I painted them in glitter nail polish and then every few weeks I would paint the rubber around the bottom rainbow colors with my nail polish. Anyway...then there was a rumor that chucks were stopping all their fun colors and designs and they would only be made in red, white, blue and the regular black and white. So of course my friends and I ran down to the mall and bought all the fun colors that we could! I ended up with bright yellow high tops and a pair of plaid low tops, but my plain black and white ones were still my favorite. Somewhere around age twenty I wanted just all black ones and that's all I've worn ever since. It's probably really weird that as soon as I put on these shoes (I'm wearing them as I type!) I feel so comfortable and at home or something. They just make me feel like Me!
It's kind of hilarious to think that at any point we thought chucks were going to stop making all the cool colors and designs when you see all the different ones they have now, it's out of control actually!



Amy said...

I have a very deep and profound love for Chucks as well! My friend Jackie and I found our Mecca, the Converse outlet. I have a pair of plaid ones that I love!
When I was really little I found these pink hightop Jem Converse! My sister and I BEEEEEEGGED my mom for them, and she eventually gave in. They were SO uncomfortable for me, and gave me blisters, but I didn't care because they were Jem Converse! lol!

Trees said...

When I was living in asia the different designs of chucks was mind blowing!

I really like this photo and post - I feel the same way about Doc Martins. I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way about a certain brand of shoes.

Although I do have a pair of low top chucks the same as yours (all black) and my partners has the high top version. We try not to wear them at the same time if we are going out together though as it would end up looking like a geeky
"couples set".


Jamie said...

Amy - I didn't even know there were Converse outlets!! My Dad was always anti-Chucks because they weren't giving us arch or ankle support but I never got blisters thank goodness! Since I broke my ankle I now understand what he was worried about, I have to have all kinds of insoles and crap in mine otherwise my ankle hurts after a day, bleeeh!

Trees - I totally understand not wanting to wear matching things! My bf and I both have similar shirts (iron maiden, hank III, etc.) And there have been times that I've had to change when he's picked me up so that we aren't in the same thing, haha!!