52 Photos in 52 Weeks

Since the New Year, I've been seeing a bunch of 365 Projects sprouting up around blogland. I really love the idea of taking a picture everyday for an entire year but I think I would get really overwhelmed and not actually enjoy the project. I had a hard enough time with the two journal classes I did everyday for a few months (I didn't even finish the I Heart Fall class!) Over on The Dainty Squid, Kaylah inspired me to take 52 Photos in 52 Weeks. My Mom got me an Instax Mini 7S for Christmas and I've been itching to use it. I think this will be the perfect opportunity!
I've decided that I want to have a theme throughout the pictures but I don't want it to be something that will get repetitive and probably boring. I am going to take a picture every week of What I Love. It's that simple...anyone, any place or anything I love!
Oh and all the pictures will be using my Instax (if I didn't make that clear already) and I think I am going to try to find a little photo album or make my own to keep them all in. I already took a few pictures with the camera and I love the way they look!! (These are not my pictures below, obviously...I don't have a dog!)

I love photographs and taking them but sometimes I hate how with a digital you can really edit what you've taken or take about 100 pictures in no time at all to make sure you get the perfect one. My favorite pictures are from when I was a little kid and you took one picture and that was it. Out of focus, someone blinking or making a funny face, it doesn't matter, that picture goes in the photo album! I'm very excited and I already know what my first picture is going to be of!

Is anyone else doing a 365 or 52 Project or something that is going to run all year?!



Amy said...

Oh I was going to ask for the Instax for Christmas as well! haha! I got my fisheye, so I was quite happy with that.
And I was also thinking about doing that. I got a homemade journal in a swap, and I was thinking about basically turning it into a scrapbook. I know that you journal, so you could totally do that for all your photos too!

Jamie said...

OMG putting them in a journal like a scarpbook is such a good idea!! I have a bunch of blank journals in my closet at the moment, I can totally use one!!

Van said...

I take pictures every day already, but maybe I'll do a "take one thoughtful picture every day" resolution :) Taking pictures daily is easy for me because it's necessary for my work, actually..