Craftster Made My Day

So I was having a particularly crummy morning, nothing important...just work related stuff annoying me. I decided to go check Craftster because let's face it, nothing cheers me up like swooning over a fellow crafters work.
There are 3 boards I always check, in this order...

I click on Crochet and what do I see?!

The Owl I made for Shannon is a Hot New Project in the Crochet board!! I've said it before and I will say it again, I love Craftster. I discovered it over 4 years ago and it has completely changed my life. The community of Craftster is amazing, so positive and inspiring. I owe all my crafting abilites, obsession, inspiration and love to Craftster.
There is nothing in the world quite like being recognized at doing something well as the recognition coming from those you admire.

Thank you Craftster for making my day better!



jungrrl said...

Thanks for making such an awesome project!

Trees said...

That's so awesome! Nice work:)

Courtney said...

Oh! That is so awesome-I'm so happy for you. It is such a cute owl.

Jamie said...

Thanks ladies, it totally made my day!!