More Granny Squares

I've made 12 more Granny Squares for a total of 24 in my 2011 Craft Goal of making myself an afghan. I really like just watching a movie with a mug of hot chocolate or tea and hooking these bad boys up.
Here are some pics of the new ones I finished over the last few days.
I took these pictures during the day thinking that the natural light would show the colors best. Turns out...the purple kept looking really blue in the pictures, kind of annoying!

It is Lion Brand - Vanna's Choice Eggplant. This picture shows the true color of the purple.

My basket is getting so full of granny squares!



janel. said...

These look really good!! You are well on your way to a beautiful afghan :) Congrats on reaching your goals so quickly :) love love love it!

Amy said...

WOW! Look at you go! You're gonna be the granny square queen before long.
I really should commit to something like this very soon.

Jamie said...

Thank you!! I think the fact that because it's been so cold here, crocheting is the perfect craft for right now. The yarn is nice and warm, plus I can just stay all cozied up with my snuggie on the couch!
I hope I don't loose steam half way through though!

Floor said...

Supercool! I still want to learn how to crochet, partly because I like blankets made out of granny squares so much :)

Jamie said...

Thanks =) Granny squares are definitly one of the reasons that I started crocheting again!

heather dawn said...

ohgosh you have the CUTEST blog! all the little details are to die for! I am so glad I found yours! A fellow crochet hooker is a friend I want!! Thanks for adding the crochet party button to your blog too!! So Awesome!!! Love the granny squares!

Jamie said...

Aww thank you so much!!

Jesse said...

Granny square afghans are my favorite! the only thing is, I hate sewing the squares together! But I think you may have inspired me to start one =)

Can't wait to see yours finished!

Anonymous said...

I <3 them!

Jamie said...

I am definitely not looking forward to sewing them all together but once I've made 88 squares I won't be able to give up!
Thank you all for such sweet and encouraging comments, they really mean a lot to me =D