Check ya Later 2011...

I can't even believe it's 2012!! I wanted to do a little look back on the 2011 Craft Goals I had set for myself.

1. "I would love my own crocheted granny square afghan."
Done and DONE! You can see the one I made all on my own here. It took almost 10 months (with lots of breaks) but it was well beyond worth it!! It's what I always imagined and it is so cozy and warm! I was also lucky enough to participate in a granny square swap on Craftster as well as the Blogger Blanket Project hosted by Courtney. With the squares from the BBP and even a set from the Craftster swap I made a smaller lapghan for myself which you can see here. I love all the mismatched squares, it is so colorful and the best part is it has colors I never would have chosen myself but I love now!

2. "A crocheted cardigan."
I'm pretty bummed I never did this. I have to say that until just a few weeks ago, I don't think I would have been very successful if I did try to make a cardigan anyway. I was still pretty new to crocheting most of the year to attempt something wearable, I stuck mostly to amigurumis all year. However, the experience I got the last few months while crocheting the two pairs of gloves, hats, scarves and the babies dress (stay tuned for the scarves, hats and dress for my niece) really prepared me for it I think. This is absolutely going on my list for 2012 and I would really love to make it in the first few months of the year!

3. "I would like my own 'Hoop Love' wall."
Thanks to Swapbot, winning a giveaway and a few of my own, I am happy to report that I have a Hoop Love wall all my own! Albeit small and only a few hoops, it's still so lovely! I have another hoop about 1/3 done that I started a while ago but haven't picked up in months. It has shiney blue beetles on it, I can't wait to finish and hang it!
I just realized these are almost all cross stitch, I need to get some embroidered ones in the mix!
(For perspective that is a skinny wall behind my bedroom door and right above my snake tank...that's a giant snake doll on top LOL) I see it when I'm on the couch and look directly to my right because I always keep that door closed when I'm in there.

So check ya later 2011, it's been real....real crafty! Oh lord that was corny!!
Have a great day friends!


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