Movie Monday: Rebecca

style="text-align: left;">I watched the movie "Rebecca" last night and it totally gets 5 stars from me! Interesting fact: it is the only Hitchcock film to have won an Oscar for Best Picture.

It was made in 1940 and is about a young, shy woman who meets a wealthy widower while in Monte Carlo. They fall in love, marry and she moves into his gigantic mansion. When she gets there, it is painfully obvious that the memory of the first Mrs. De Winters, Rebecca still haunts the place. Mr. De Winters is clearly still effected by the memory of her as are servants. The woman who manages the house completely hates the new Mrs. De Winters too.
At the beginning we are lead to believe Rebecca drowned in a boating accident. Then her body is discovered (the first body identified really wasn't her!) and everything starts to unravel. Apparently Rebecca told her husband she was pregnant but by another man. In a fit of rage he accidentally kills her and tries to cover it up. As the story progresses we learn that she really wasn't pregnant and Oooo the suspense of what really happens unfolds!! I won't tell you more because you really should rent it!

The whole time I was watching this movie I was so captured by the story and the characters! It's an amazing film, full of suspense, mystery and brooding atmosphere. It's also one of the most romantic movies I've ever seen. Not the kind of romantic with pink roses, boxes of chocolate and makes you want to puke though. It's just a very beautifully made movie. I loved every minute of it and I'm definitely going to watch it again before I mail it back.

Also, the character Jack Favell's voice was soo familiar to me. I looked it up and he is the voice of Shere Khan the Tiger in Disney's Jungle Book!

Have a wonderful day!

Movie Monday Disclaimer:
I live on Netflix and thought it would be fun to share reviews of some things I watch. I do not stream movies as I don't have internet or any kind of gaming console at home. I am on the 3 dvds at a time plan and love it since I don't have cable either. I watch TV shows this way too but mostly movies. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to share!


Chrissy said...

Hey Jamie, you won the giveaway from Yellow Bird, Yellow Beard! Email me with your info chrissyzang[at]gmail[dot]com

Congrats! xxx

Trees said...

I love Hitchcock films! I haven't seen this one yet, but I will add it to the list. We are currently making our way through "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" - finished with season one and partway through season two. It's amazing!!

Jamie said...

I love Hitchcock so much too! I think I watched just the first season of Alfred Hitchcock presents, I'll have to double check. You will love this movie, it is SO good!