Fiber Exhibit

Crochet Concupiscence does a weekly post that includes a call for crocheters. Some weeks ago the post she did had a few different things mentioned but the one that really jumped out at me was the Square Foot Fiber Art Pinup Show.

You are to "Create a 12" fabric square in any textile technique and any material and submit it for our display wall. No theme and no restrictions other than a finished size of 12" by 12"". The deadline is 3/2/12 and there is no fee to enter. People who go to the show will vote for their 3 favorite squares and the top 12 will be photographed and put into the Southeast Fiber Arts Alliance 2013 calendar. You can also allow your piece to be sold with a portion of the proceeds benefiting the SEFAA.

This sounded so interesting to me that I am definitely going to participate! I instantly thought about doing a 12"x12" granny square but then I thought that wouldn't be very exciting especially since I made so many this past year. I thought about it for a while and really wanted to come up with something very different from what I've done in the past, that I'd be proud of and want displayed. I decided that I really love free form crochet and since I have never attempted it, this would be the perfect excuse! It will be something new and challenging for me to try and it'll be a great way to use up some of my yarn stash!
I've had a bunch of free form crochet favorited in my Flickr account for quite a while that I'll use for inspiration. I also found a couple of websites that help someone who has never attempted free form get started. I'm so freaking excited!!! I'll definitely keep you guys and gals posted on my progress and the outcome.

If you do any kind of fiber crafts you should think about participating too!


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