Grati - Tuesday

Today I would like to take a minute and say thank you to a few different people.

First, a thank you to my local post office workers. I think I go to the post office often. Not ALL the time but with the different swaps I participate in, I'm there mailing more random shaped and sized packages than others probably. It's a tiny little post office down the street from where I work in. They know who I am, they like to chat and are always so nice about tapping up my packages when I've run out of my own =P

I am thankful for my Aunt Donna. She recently joined Facebook and has seen all the different crafts I make. I saw her on Thanksgiving, Christmas and a couple weeks ago at my niece's first birthday (she's my Dad's sister). She is repeatedly telling me how talented I am and that I need to "do something with this gift". It really means a lot to me and I love her so much for the encouragement. I really am exceptionally lucky for the family that I have.

I am grateful for Jeremy. I am always so thankful for the things he does for me but it's the little things that I really need. The things he knows I need and won't ask for but he does anyway. He brings me food sometimes when I don't have any (I pay all my bills and then use what's left for food...sometimes it ain't much. He puts gas in my car when I'm almost on empty and pay day isn't near. (Especially after the holidays and all my spare cash has been spent.) Sometimes I don't know what I'd do without him!

And last but certainly not least, I am grateful for my beautiful, little, sweet niece Lindsay!! Look at her in the little dress I made her, isn't she just too stinkin' cute!?!

I hope you are having an amazing day and be sure to say thank you to those who deserve it!


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