Gifts for Kristin

The book club girls and I do a Secret Santa exchange for Christmas instead of each of us giving gifts to the 4 others. It's pretty great because not only do we get to focus on one person and really try and come up with something awesome for them, it's easier on the wallet!

This year I got Kristin and I knew I wanted to make her a scarf too. I thought about making a hat as well but decided against it in the long run. Again I kept leaning toward cable pattered scarves but decided on this slightly different take. I found the pattern on Ravelry of course.

Whenever I think of Kristin I instantly think of the beach, she's a total beach bum by all definitions. However, a scarf is a winter item so how the hell can the beach come into play?! The beach makes me think of pretty blue colors. Kristin wears more neutral and muted colors so when I found this blue it just made sense.

This scarf didn't take too long. I did have to look at the pattern for almost 2/3 of the scarf because I just couldn't seem to remember it off the top of my head. The number of stitches on the outside of the center cable changed a lot so I guess I just couldn't remember. It didn't go as quickly as some of the others I've made but it wasn't too difficult either. I'm very happy with how it turned out though.

I also found this really cute pillow on CafePress. It seemed really appropriate because Kristin is also a huge music lover. I love the design so much!

Hope you're having an awesome day!



alovelylittleworld said...

Love them both. That scarf is a gorgeous colour and the pillow is really cute. I know someone who would LOVE it (other than myself!) haha

Jamie said...

The color is so pretty and I found out that she and her bf celebrated their 1 year anniversary in NYC and she wore it all weekend while there and kept her nice and warm!!