Fun Fact Friday #2

Could you stay in bed all day and think?

I could definitely stay in bed all day. I've been known to stay in bed for a ridiculous amount of hours as it is already. The "bed" I have now isn't that comfortable but the bed I used to have was pure heaven and I could stay in that thing all day given the right circumstances (rain, the bf, and movies). Right now I have a futon. It's a bit classier than you are thinking, you can see that actual one here but it's still not that comfortable. Now to stay in bed all day "and think" I'm not sure I'd actually be able to stay awake the whole time and think. I'd definitely fall asleep off and on. Although, dreaming is kind of thinking isn't it? If I couldn't have my phone or watch a movie I'd be okay but I'd definitely want to read. For some reason I associate reading with being in bed. It's actually kind of hard for me to just sit on the couch and read, I'd much rather be laying down and reading. I guess that comes from always reading at night before bed. I mean that started when I was a kid and my parents read us bed time stories and continued into high school when I'd read before bed and even now. I get in bed, I pick up a book...it just makes sense, comfy and reading! Plus if I was in bed all day and thinking, I'd come up with ideas and plans and things that I'm sure I'd want to write down. As you may remember, I loooove a good list. So when I get to thinking a lot and planning things or wanting to remember something I have to write it down in my little notebook. All in all, I'm pretty sure I could spend a whole day in bed!

Could you?!


Fun Fact Friday Disclaimer:
I found
The Imagination Prompt Generator and loved the idea of writing posts based on its random prompts. Every Friday I will share a lil' something about myself based on these prompts. I see it as a means of sharing a bit more about myself with you! It will be a random topic or question and my responses will be pretty free form and random as well. I'll of course edit for spelling and punctuation but I want to just let it flow for the most part. I hope you enjoy and maybe even join in!

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