Some Gifts for the Bestie

This year I made Liz a few different presents.

First I made her these adorable decopauge ornaments. Normally I don't like to give people Christmas themed presents, it kind of seems like a cop out to me. However, in November I saw a picture of decopauged ornaments like these and I instantly wanted to make them for her. I know that she loves things made from old book pages so these just made sense. I headed to the thrift store looking for an old book that I could tear up. The only suitable one I found happened to be an old Algebra book from one of the high schools around here. It seemed pretty appropriate since her boyfriend has a Math degree. I figure next year they can put these on their tree! I jazzed them up with some glitter glue and ribbons too. She loved them a ton which is always the best response to a gift!

A while ago I saw a print someone did of a stylized tree with a heart and carved initials. I don't really make prints but I remembered seeing this wood patterned fabric in my interweb travels. An idea started to form in the crafty part of my brain. I headed to Etsy and found a fat quarter of the exact fabric I wanted, just enough for the idea I had. My idea was to embroider a heart with "Liz & Larry" in it (obviously Larry is her boyfriend). Initials just seemed too plain so I went with full names. I mean even the full names is fairly simple but I think the image and idea of it is so sweet. I used the same Maximum Rabbit tutorial to make the hoop nice and puffy and the back finished.

Last but not least I made her a new tampon carry case. One of the very first things I ever sewed for Liz (and a bunch of other people) was a tampon carry case. I heard her mention on Halloween that she needed a new one. BOOM Christmas present idea stored in my head! This one I made a lot better though (well some of the execution is a bit wonky but that's what I get for leaving shit to the very last possible second, literally). Instead of just a pouch, I added a pocket and made 4 separate compartments for the tampons. I thought I had some good fabric that I could use in my stash. Once I looked throught them, I didn't think she'd like most of them or I just couldn't find anything good to coordinate. I'm not totally in love with these two fabrics but oh well, live and learn. They looked nice when I layed them next to each other but once put together, I was a bit underwhelemed. Anyway, it will serve it's purpose.

I also gave her this adorable purse made by LoverlyForYou.

She loved everything which is always the point!
Hope you're having an awesome week!



Trees said...

Wow - you are one heck of a friend!! I especially love the Christmas tree decorations. Such a simple but fabulous idea:)

Jamie said...

Hehe thanks!! I'm lucky too that she likes all the stuff I make. I really want to make a set of ornaments like this for myself now!