Movie Monday: Dark Passage

Last night I watched 1947's "Dark Passage" starring Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall. They are such a great couple!

I was really surprised by this movie and the style it was shot in. Almost the entire first hour is shot from the first person perspective. The story is about Vincent Parry who just escaped San Quentin prison where he was serving a life sentence for murdering his wife. He ends up being picked up by Irene Jansen who heard the news report of his escape. Turns out she was always at his trial and wrote letters to the newspaper expressing her concern for what she thought was an unfair trial. We find out that her father died in prison while also serving a sentence for murdering his wife, which she thinks he was wrongly accussed of.

Vincent realizes that his face is plastered all over the newspapers and there is no way he can escape the city without being recognized. Luckily on the way to visit a friend who was going to give him a place to stay, he is picked up by a taxi driver who has a friend who can "help" him. He goes to this doctor in a back alley and gets a whole new face...guess whose face...Humphrey Bogart's!! The movie switches to the normal third person (is that right?) once he has the bandages all over his face. Eventually they are removed and he looks older but unrecognizable.

Over this time a relationship has been building between Irene and Vincent. I mean obviously there would be a relationship, she's helping him escape for crying out loud! During the movie Vincent is framed for the murder of the friend who was giving him a place to stay. It is very clear that Vincent didn't commit this murder either and he is determined to find out who did! I was pretty surprised who the murderer actually is but they explain it pretty well.

In all I really enjoyed this movie. It was a thriller but kind of a quiet thriller, nobody's jumping out at you or anything. You're just kind of on the edge of your seat hoping Vincent doesn't get caught and gets away!

As you've notice...I'm an old movie kick!
Got any suggestions?!

I hope you're having a great day!


Movie Monday Disclaimer:
I live on Netflix and thought it would be fun to share reviews of some things I watch. I do not stream movies as I don't have internet or any kind of gaming console at home. I am on the 3 dvds at a time plan and love it since I don't have cable either. I watch TV shows this way too but mostly movies. If you have any suggestions, please feel free to share!

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