Gifts for Jessie

Sometime around Thanksgiving my sister saw me wearing the earwarmer I made myself last year. She loved the idea of it keeping her ears warm but not messing her hair up. Jessie does a lot more with her hair than I do, she curls it, wears little barrets and what not so understandably she doesn't want it to get mussed. Obviously I would have to make her an earwarmer for Christmas! She loves this dark maroon color and I thought the off white really looked nice with it, very wintery and pretty. I made her earwarmer with the same pattern I used before but instead of a few little flowers I decided to make one giant flower instead, pattern found here. I also was able to use buttons from my Nana to secure the back. While I was making it I figured it be awesome if she had a scarf to match! Again I faced the dilemma of loving cables but not wanting to give everyone the same damn scarf! I looked and looked and LOOKED for something I thought she would like. I didn't want anything too plain but not anything too complicated either. I actually saw a girl at the grocery store with a really pretty ribbed scarf. It was a varigated yarn which I never like but it gave me an idea. I would make a ribbed scarf and then jazz it up with a pretty border. This was the first scarf I made that was worked longways, I used the easy ribbed scarf pattern but didn't add fringe. It went super fast but I couldn't find a border that I liked. They were all too lacey and grandma looking. Eventually I settled on this one that I found on the Lion Brand website, it went quickly too. When I put it on to see how it looked in the mirror, I fell in love with how the border hugs right up under your chin. It is so soft and warm! When she opened it she gasped and said it was beautiful, I love people who give awesome reactions to presents!! She popped it right on and loved it instantly. When I told her the buttons on her earwarmer were from Nana she loved it even more. I'm so glad she liked it, I always second guess myself when giving people gifts!

While searching for the border pattern I came across this jewelry holder on the Lion Brand site as well. Jessie has about a million dangley earrings, they're basically all she ever wears. They're all so pretty and I hate to see them just in a pile on her dresser. I figured she desparately needed one of these things! I didn't really like the pattern used on that one though, it was too dense so I just searched around a bit for a different shell or scallop crochet pattern. I found this beautiful shawl on their site and figured out how to use a different hook size to get the 3 scallop patterns to fit into the 12x12 picture frame I found at the thrift store. Thank goodness for people who leave reviews of patterns. I never leave reviews but I totally read them and use them as a basis for whether to use it or find another pattern instead. Everyone said to use the chart another user made! I mean A. thank you to everyone who said they used the chart and that it was much easier but B. thank you to the woman who made the chart!!! The pattern really was hard to understand just reading but seeing the chart made it crystal clear! I whipped this guy up in a day and then just stapled it to the back of the frame with a staple gun. She loves it and sent me a picture the next day of it hung up with all her earrings on it!

Stay crafty my friends!



Kate Prentice said...

Oh my Crafty God! These are lovely, I Love Love Love The earing holder. I have to make this, genius.


Trees said...

The earring holder is AMAZING!!

Jamie said...

Thank you so much ladies!! Jessie really loved it and if I wore dangly earrings (mine are stretched) I would totally make one for myself!

Consider my dear said...

That earring holder! Holy cow. I dont wear regular earnings but I've been looking for something for my broaches. That might be perfect!

Jamie said...

This would be so good for broaches too! And even necklaces you can sort of loop around the stitches and hang from it. I'm so glad you all like it!