Gifts for Mom

Not too long ago Mrs. Priss posted a tutorial to make little felt flowers. I thought they were so stinky adorable but what the hell would I ever do with them? I'm not really a flower kind of girl but I bookmarked the post anyway because I knew other people would enjoy them and I could find a use at some point.

Also, as I mentioned here my mom just moved to Arizona a few months ago. When she lived in PA she had a real house and tons of gardens. She had a garden in front of the kitchen that she refered to as her "Old English Garden", it was just a mish mash of lots of beautiful and colorful flowers. I even helped her plant some of them. She also had a lily garden that went all the way around her greenhouse that was SO beautiful!! She even had a shade garden of different ground covering type plants along the fence because it didn't get much light there. In the back yard she had a vegetable garden which I think I will miss the most. There's nothing quite like making a salad with tomatoes your mom grew. Not to mention her greenhouse full of different cacti and houseplants. Needless to say, my mother is one hell of a gardener and has two giant green thumbs. Now that she lives in an apartment in Arizona, she doesn't have her gardens anymore.
When I was thinking of what to make her for Christmas, I remembered the felt flower tutorial! I decided I would make her some little stump work emrboidery hoop gardens that she can hang in her apartment. I chose a theme of all blue flowers because she really loves the color blue, in all shades she loves blue!

Keep craftin' kids!


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