Movie Monday: Primal Fear

First, let me preface with this; Jeremy's dad gave me a giant box full of VHS tapes.  I guess he was doing a bit of cleaning and knows I have a VCR.  I thought it was very nice of him.  As I start digging through the box it becomes clear that these must all have been his girlfriend's movies. There are 4 Richard Gere movie's, a couple Michael Douglas, some Mel Gibson, etc.  They aren't necessarily movies I would rent on my own but I'll give 'em shot.

I watched a couple so far. One being Primal Fear with Richard Gere.  I didn't even look at the back, I just grabbed it and hit play. 

I was VERY pleasantly surprised to see in the opening credits a shot of a young Edward Norton.   I found out this was his first movie! Fun Fact you might not know about me...I freaking loooove Edward Norton!! He's one of the only 4 famous people I follow on twitter.  Anyway...

Based off the title and the tagline on the cover I imagined this was going to be about a business man who commits a crime or something along those lines.  Boy, was I wrong! (Also, the title doesn't really go with the movie in my opinion.)

It's about this hotshot lawyer who decided to take a very high profile case pro bono.   Edward Norton's character is accused of brutally killing a very prominent Catholic priest.  The beginning is kind of a slow build up because they don't give you a motive.  Of course I had my suspicion which turned out was wrong, similar but still wrong. 

The movie is kind of like a long, more in depth episode of Law and Order.  They elude to a failed romance between Richard Gere's character and the prosecuting lawyer but they don't get too deep into that.  There's some political conspiracy as well. 

Then about 2/3 of the way through the movie there is a MAJOR revelation that I was sure explained the murder! Everyone is satisfied as to why and how Edward Norton's character could possibly kill the priest; the lawyers, psychiatrist, judge, even me!

BUT THEN at the very, very end an EVEN BIGGER twist is revealed and Ooooo it's a good one!!

I definitely recommend this movie, lots of good twists and turns that will keep you wondering and guessing throughout the entire thing!  Plus Edward Norton's in it!


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